Welcome to Gratitude Filled Life where you’ll find ways to transform your life through the powers of gratitude and appreciation. Your guide on this journey is Lena Salonikas, an author, speaker and mentor of personal transformation.  Be it though her writings, classes or one-on-one work, she helps you tap into the core of who you are while allowing your essence to radiate and joyfully create an impact in your world.

My Gratitude Filled Life

I remember hearing once that everyone has a “so what” or a story, past or whatever you want to call it. The fact is that we have all been through things in our lives. Many of us, like myself, wind up doing the work to move past that story. I’ve experienced things that I hope no others do, yet I know people have and will continue to experience. It started at birth, emerging into the world with a physical disability and continued with various traumas throughout life. For several years, I didn’t want to continue and I’d wake angry to see another day. Learning to appreciate life and be grateful for everything helped me so much in moving forward.

Through the years I’ve continued to deepen my appreciation for every aspect of life – even the “bad” stuff.  Sure I slip up at times like we all do, and it’s always focusing on the positive aspects that helps me come back around. Each expression of gratitude for any moment helps me to deepen my understanding of who I am and teaches me to relate better with the world around me. I live a gratitude filled life and want to teach you how to as well.

I’ve worked in many different industries and with everyone from corporate giants to small start-ups. For over fifteen years my focus has been on training and coaching in personal and professional development. Where my heart sings is in helping people connect with who they truly are and using that to fuel living a life that they love while they also create deep and meaningful connections with others. I call it the joy and flow of being; where your life flows and you live in a state of joy because you are truly being your most authentic self. Let’s start here, now, with a little thing called gratitude.

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